SanityDesk Case Study

How SanityDesk raised more than $2M pre-seed round during a global pandemic

Going to Market
The Long Journey Ahead

Raising money is a lot like having a baby. You can’t really speed up the process without messing it up.

In this part, you are going to learn:

  • Why it usually takes 6-12 months to raise money.
  • Why raising money is like climbing a mountain
  • Why you should treat investors like catching fish
  • The importance of finding a good lead investor
  • Smart vs. Dumb money (is this really a thing?)
  • The two primary fears of investors (Losing money and FOMO)

In Lesson 4, Sam and I talk about the idea of climbing a mountain. Brad grew up in Seattle, Washington State in the U.S. and he used to climb mountains.

Climbing your first mountain is one of the most challenging experiences you will ever have physically and the higher the mountain gets, the harder it becomes to climb them. There is almost no way you will ever get up a mountain without a guide.

When Sir Edmund Hilary climbed Mount Everest, he did it with the help of local Nepalese Sherpas (locals who knew the mountain passes). Climbing a mountain is the perfect analogy for your fundraising journey. It will be one of the most intense, challenging experiences of your business career. You won’t get to the top of the mountain without a guide. That is the essence of Lesson 4.

Sam shares all the twists and turns up his mountain path, and how I guided him every step of the way.


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