Venture Finance Academy

A startup fundraising coaching program for sophisticated founders and CEOs

The greatest problem faced by startups in their quest for funding is a lack of tailored strategic advice and coaching to pitch, negotiate and close smart money investors

The Venture Finance Academy is a coaching program designed for sophisticated founders and CEOs who are seeking to pitch, negotiate and close smart money investors.

You will receive 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching over 12 months period. We assess the current state of your startup, coach you on how to become investor ready, and provide a customized list of the top institutional investors based on your industry, region, and stage of development.

You will won't be alone on your fundraising journey. You will always have somebody on your side of the table who has been there and done that countless times for startups over the world.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get in the program


Complete a detailed Venture Finance Assessment with Brad Furber to determine your current state and address what needs to be done to become truly investor-ready.

Review & Update

Review and Update your pitch and pitch deck, due diligence locker, fundraising strategy, ideal investor prospect list, and investment offer(s).

Designing your Ideal Fundraising Prospect List

Access to our Global Venture Finance Directory with more than 3,877+ sources of capital and consultation to customize a prospect dream list of top institutional investors from one of the largest global proprietary databases.

One-on-One Coaching and Funding Advisor Support

6 hours one-on-one coaching calls with Brad Furber. Alternatively you may use one or more calls with Brad to participate as your venture funding advisor or coach in connection with any pitches, negotiations and and closings with third parties.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Bi-weekly group coaching calls with Brad Furber, guest speakers, and academy members where you can ask questions and receive answers from seasoned experts, along with the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and sharing among other like-minded startup founders and CEOs.


12 month access to the Venture Finance PRO Masterclass as well as a library of essential curated resources and templates to enable you to do more deals faster leveraging years of research.

Our Brand Promise

If there is a venture finance challenge that we can’t help you address directly, we will do our best to help you identify someone or someplace that can!

BONUS Resources

Access to Pitch Coaching Academy online courses (Value 400€)


Before applying it is required that YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED
the Investor Readiness Test.

We reserve the right to cancel any application calls scheduled if you have not previously completed the Venture Finance Masterclass.


What other startup founder say about working with Aery Advisors and Brad Furber

Printify Inc., headquartered in Riga, Latvia, announced in September 2021 that it successfully closed a $45 Million Series A financing, led by Index Ventures, H&M Group and Virgin Group.

Latvia’s Printify Closes $45 Million Series A Round in September 2021

If you can have somebody experienced like Brad, that is huge because it can save you a ton of money

“I think the most expensive thing in business is the mistakes you make and mistakes in terms of the direction of where you want to bring the company, and the time you waste in going the wrong direction or focusing on the wrong thing.

And if you have somebody experienced like Brad, that is huge because it can save you a ton of money.

Having the possibility to have the advice from somebody who has been there and done that before is incredibly valuable.”

-James Berdigans Founder and CEO of

Aery Advisors’ founder Brad Furber has been working with the co-founders of Printify since late 2016. Since that time Brad has participated in multiple financing rounds, including Printify’s Series A round. Over the years, Brad has acted on behalf of Printify in multiple capacities, including as mentor, coach, strategic litigation manager, Series A term sheet negotiator, and outside advisor to counsel Printify going forward in connection with its print on demand platform scale up globally.

ZEMP's product suite enables small and medium businesses to sell across channels, manage operations across all core disciplines, engage with customers, accept payments and ultimately grow their business.

Swiss startup raised $1.3M swiftly in 2021

When I started talking to the first potential investors and they asked "Can I have a look into your data room" and I was prepared. It was a very positive thing. It was much easier to get traction in the market. It was first preparation of 3 months and 4 months of negotiations with investors. All in all, within 7 months we raised 1.3 million dollars.

Brad was tangible, we had open conversations, coaching sessions, I had trust in him because he’s done it, he went through it, he talks from experience, and he has a very huge heritage. You accepted his advice because it worked. It is not a standard class. This is bespoke sessions with him where he focused and adapted his knowledge to my needs.

I would definitely 100% recommend it. I believe there is nothing that cannot be improved so no one has ever got from me a 10, as there is always room to improve, but I would say the experience has been a clear 9 for me.

Founder of Zemp Business Solutions
Lucerne, Switzerland |

iPromote, headquartered in San Luis Obisbo, California, provides digital advertising technology and solutions designed to help underserved SMBs access the high growth programmatic digital advertising market in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

Brad helped us raise more than $1M in equity

If I could do it over again, I would compress the time that we spent in the early years and bring in expertise as early as possible to make sure that you're enlisting people that have that explicit knowledge, that “been there, done that" experience, to help guide you move forward.

I was fortunate that I've known Brad for a long time. I've known him since he was 20 years old and I've participated with him, watching him work all around the world. He has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, startups and emerging growth companies raise capital globally.

In July 2021, Cohere Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm made a strategic growth investment (8 figures) in iPromote.

- Gregg Albright, CEO of iPromote

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