Fundraising GTM™ Program

Your Trusted Partner in Raising Capital

Fundraising is often a time-consuming task for founders, diverting energy from essential growth initiatives

At Aery Advisors, we recognize these challenges and offer a proven solution to help entrepreneurs secure the funding they need.

Our Fundraising GTM™ Program accelerates your fundraising preparations, providing expert guidance to navigate the fundraising process successfully. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, we streamline your capital-raising efforts, making fundraising efficient and effective. 

Partner with us for valuable resources, expert guidance, and essential tools to secure critical capital. Don't leave fundraising to chance; invest in your success with Aery Advisors, confidently achieving your fundraising goals.

Fundraising GTM™ Program

  • Advisory

  • Dedicated Team

  • Investor Access and Engagement

  • Resources


Elevate Your Fundraising Strategy

Our seasoned advisors offer personalized coaching sessions to guide you in developing a customized fundraising strategy that aligns with your vision and objectives.


Enhance Your Offer and Pitch

We'll evaluate your current deal materials, assess your execution capabilities, and provide feedback to craft a compelling offer that will attract and close your ideal sources of funding.


Get Expert Guidance for Due Diligence Success

Get due diligence support from us. We'll guide you, identify necessary documents, and assist in addressing concerns to ensure a thorough due diligence process.


Boost Your Confidence for Investor Meetings

Our go-to-market coaching includes assessing your offer and practicing pitch presentations, enhancing your confidence and approach for successful investor meetings.


Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

Our experienced marketing team is here to assist you in launching a highly effective email marketing campaign, inviting your customized investor prospects to join your deal room.


Negotiate better deals with our experts

We'll guide you in understanding market standards, positioning your company for success, and structuring deals that align with your long-term vision.


Access a Global Investor Network

Simplify your capital raise with direct access to 200,000+ global investors, including 32,000+ accredited Angels, VCs, and Family Offices.


Cutting-Edge Investor Engagement

Utilize Intelligent Deal Rooms, Investor Engagement Tools, and AI-based Capital Raising Intelligence for seamless deal management and execution.

6-month* program structure

Coaching sessions and tasks each month to prepare you for funding. Each step moves you closer to your goal of raising capital for your startup.

* The Fundraising GTM™ program may be completed in less than 6 months, and the suggested structure is flexible.

Month 1: Induction & Assessment

During Month 1, you will start the coaching program with an introductory session that will help you establish expectations and develop a positive mindset.

You will also take part in a Fundraising Assessment and Audit session with Brad Furber to determine your current fundraising readiness. This session will help identify your areas of strength and weakness, giving you a clear idea of where to focus your efforts going forward.

Month 2: Pitch Practice

During Month 2, you will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your most recent fundraising offering materials, including a mock pitch presentation. This will help you identify areas for improvement and refine your approach.

You will also have the chance to enroll in the Pitch Coaching Academy, led by David Beckett, who will help you enhance your pitch skills and effectively communicate with potential investors. This training will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to confidently pitch your fundraising offering to your target audience.

Month 3: Investor Prospecting

During Month 3, you will receive coaching to identify your ideal funding sources and review your deal execution capabilities.

One of our advisors will work with you to refine your custom search criteria for your Investor Prospect Dream List. This will help you focus your efforts on the most promising leads.

Also you will get marketing coaching, preparing you for fundraising marketing strategy execution.

Month 4: Creating a Compelling Offer

In month 4, we'll be focusing on designing an offer that will attract your ideal funding source. You'll receive coaching and feedback on the complete suite of fundraising offering materials, legal counsel, marketing funnel tools, and capabilities.

After refining your materials, you'll present a polished set of fundraising offering materials with a "dress rehearsal" 30-minute pitch, including Q&A feedback, and a post-pitch marketing funnel communications plan. This marks the end of the pre-season and the beginning of the go-to-market phase.

Month 5: Go to market

In month 5, it's time to launch your marketing campaign. Activate and execute a strategy that engages prospective investors through all channels, including cold outreach email campaign, social media, warm introductions, thought leadership, and online and offline networking.

Our go-to-market coaching will help you adjust your strategy based on the insights learned from the first few weeks. We'll review and revise anything that needs to be addressed, including whether the "offer" being pitched is truly compelling to your ideal funding sources, and whether your marketing funnel is generating qualified leads and meeting requests.

Month 6: Marketplace Feedback

In month 6, we'll continue our full-scale marketing to ideal funding sources, utilizing revised and refreshed fundraising offering materials. 

We'll provide go-to-market feedback on strategy, fundraising offering materials, deal execution capabilities, and recommended next steps. You'll receive key insights on the current state of your fundraising efforts and advice on how to optimize and maximize your client prospects for fundraising success going forward.

Fundraising GTM™

6 monthly payments

€2,495 / month

2 quarterly payments
(save €1,980)

€6,495 / per quarter

1 easy payment
(save €2,975)


Program partners


What other startup founder say about working with Aery Advisors 

Printify Inc., headquartered in Riga, Latvia, announced in September 2021 that it successfully closed a $45 Million Series A financing, led by Index Ventures, H&M Group and Virgin Group.

Latvia’s Printify Closes $45 Million Series A Round in September 2021

If you can have somebody experienced like Brad, that is huge because it can save you a ton of money

"I think the most expensive thing in business is the mistakes you make and mistakes in terms of the direction of where you want to bring the company, and the time you waste in going the wrong direction or focusing on the wrong thing.

And if you have somebody experienced like Brad, that is huge because it can save you a ton of money.

Having the possibility to have the advice from somebody who has been there and done that before is incredibly valuable."

-James Berdigans Founder and CEO of

Imagine relying on just one device to manage your diabetes. PDT has made this possible.

SynerG™ is a single device that brings continuous glucose monitoring to all who take insulin. 

Pacific Diabetes Technologies Raised $1.75M+ Seed round

"I managed to raise now 1.75 million in the seed round over the last year.  It was long experience but it was a very fulfilling experience.

I would absolutely recommend the Venture Finance Academy to anybody that is a fresh CEO and trying to look for money because it puts everything into perspective and you have access to a comprehensive source of knowledge and expertise, including Brad, who gives just tremendous amount of helpful information and advice."

Thomas Seidl, CEO at Pacific Diabetes Technologies (PDT),
Portland, Oregon, USA

A.M.A. Selections - A definitive collection of Europe’s most exclusive holiday homes. Luxury Vacation Rentals.

Key strategic decisions that changed the course of our fundraising journey

"I can highly recommend Brad and his team at Aery Advisors. My business partner and I hired Brad as an advisor when we first began our fundraising process. This proved to be an excellent decision, and Brad's valuable advice really helped us to be better prepared in the way we approached investors. His experience with fundraising and his thoughtful insights helped us make key strategic decisions that changed the course of our fundraising journey. Additionally, this saved us time we would have inevitably lost in trying to learn everything ourselves through trial and error. Furthermore, Brad and his team are extremely professional, kind, and genuinely want to see you succeed. They were always available to us with any questions we had over the course of the year, and we are so grateful for their support. I highly recommend using Aery Advisors if you're planning a round of capital!

Thank you again for all of your support, it's made a real difference for us!"

-Mariek Anselme Cofounder,A.M.A Selection

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