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James Berdigans

"I think the most expensive thing in business is the mistakes you make and mistakes in terms of the direction of where you want to bring the company, and the time you waste in going the wrong direction or focusing on the wrong thing. And if you have somebody experienced like Brad, that is huge because it can save you a ton of money. Having the possibility to have the advice from somebody who has been there and done that before is incredibly valuable."

Founder and CEO of Printify, James Berdigans

Raised $45M, Series A


Sam Cook

The case study is a realistic and true account of what it takes to successfully raise the funding your business needs – the challenges, the pitfalls, the surprises and the successes.

It is told through the framework of the Aery Advisors’ methodology and illustrates how the theory and processes actually work in practice.

Prepare yourself mentally and practically to raise funding in 2022 by watching the case study today.

The money is out there – are you going to be one of the smart startup founders who actually gets it?

The Venture Finance Case Study is broken down into 5 parts:

Sam Cook, founder and CEO of SanityDesk

Raised $2M+, Pre-Seed

Oliver Zemp

"Brad was tangible, we had open conversations, coaching sessions, I had trust in him because he’s done it, he went through it, he talks from experience, and he has a very huge heritage. You accepted his advice because it worked. It is not a standard class. This is bespoke sessions with him where he focused and adapted his knowledge to my needs."

Founder and CEO of, Oliver Zemp

Raised $1.35M+, Seed


Gregg Albright

"I was fortunate that I've known Brad for a long time. I've known him since he was 20 years old and I've participated with him, watching him work all around the world. He has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, startups and emerging growth companies raise capital globally."

Gregg Albright, founder and CEO of iPromote

Raised $1M+, Pre-Seed

2021 got a strategic growth investment (8 figures).