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In a 45-minute call, we'll refine your custom search for your Investor Prospect Dream List, finding the best funding sources matching your industry, region, and stage.


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Our template streamlines organizing, ranking, and advancing prospects, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry.


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Start outreach effectively with our proven email template, designed for higher response rates and engagement.


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Refine your prospecting strategy with this concise eBook. Gain insights for better engagement with potential investors and discover essential tools for efficient investor engagement.


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Learn key strategies to engage effectively with smart money investors in this 1-hour webinar session.


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What other startup founders say about the Investor Dream List

Imagine relying on just one device to manage your diabetes. PDT has made this possible.

SynerG™ is a single device that brings continuous glucose monitoring to all who take insulin.

MedTech Startup raised $1.75M looking for capital, the investor dream list was great. So we are still working through it, it's a nice long list. It was very nice to be able to get that kind of a list without necessarily having to put in the money for a service like a pitch book or something like that.

Thomas Seidl, CEO at Pacific Diabetes Technologies (PDT), Portland, Orego


FAQ Section

What is Smart Money?

Smart money is the cash that is invested with investing professionals who are better informed or more experienced or both. It is perceived that this money is invested in the right investment vehicle at the right time and will generate the highest returns.

Hence, smart money is believed to have a greater chance of success as institutional investors are believed to have better investment strategies that deviate from those of retail investors. Smart money can also move markets with size and force when it is controlled by central banks. It then becomes a joint force of large amounts of money and good strategy where those investors ride on the success of smart money.

Why you need to have Customized Investor List?

Identifying and contacting the right individuals and firms can be difficult and time-consuming. This service will enable you to access a high quality proprietary database to identify suitable active investors (angels, super angels, angel networks, early stage VC funds, VCs, Private equity, Family Offices and more) based on your industry, region, and stage of development.

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Includes management, investment activity, assets, financials, and more.