Do you have access to
smart money INVESTORs?

For a crystal clear roadmap to closing your next funding round with your ideal funding sources,
the Investor Dream List is your next step!

Get your customized DREAM LIST of the TOP 100 investors ideal for your startup
based on your industry, region, and stage of development.

Your actionable Investor Dream List includes: investor contact details, number of investments, Investor Type, Industry, Last closed fund size and date, assets under management, and much more.

Investor Dream List


Get your customized list in
7 Business Days

Package includes

  • Discovery Call - 45 mins
  • Track Your Investors Template
  • Introduction email template to investors (with mail merge format)
  • Investor Prospecting Best Practice Guide
  • Delivery Time: 7 Business Days



What is Smart Money?

Smart money is the cash that is invested with investing professionals who are better informed or more experienced or both. It is perceived that this money is invested in the right investment vehicle at the right time and will generate the highest returns.

Hence, smart money is believed to have a greater chance of success as institutional investors are believed to have better investment strategies that deviate from those of retail investors. Smart money can also move markets with size and force when it is controlled by central banks. It then becomes a joint force of large amounts of money and good strategy where those investors ride on the success of smart money.

Why you need to have Customized Investor List?

Identifying and contacting the right individuals and firms can be difficult and time-consuming. This service will enable you to access a high quality proprietary database to identify suitable active investors (angels, super angels, angel networks, early stage VC funds, VCs, Private equity, Family Offices and more) based on your industry, region, and stage of development.

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Investor Dream List Package

All what is included in to your purchase

45 mins Discovery Call

  • Customize your search to get the best results
    Attend your 45-minute discovery call with one of our advisors to refine your custom search criteria for your Investor Prospect Dream List.
  • Discover the most suitable sources of funding
    Based on your specific inputs, we will populate your Investor Tracking Sheet with your ideal sources of capital, based on your industry, region, and stage of development.
  • Get your dream list in just 3 days
    We produce the ideal outputs in just 7 days (or 3 days for the premium package).

Track Your Investors

  • Manage your engagement with investors like a pro
    We highly recommend having a strategic action plan as you're going to be talking to a lot of people and will need to be able to effectively sort, rank, and move prospects through a pipeline.
  • Save time by using the Investor Tracker
    We created an Investor Tracker that does just that! All the tabs in the tracker are connected to allow information to be populated to help you organize and update your investor list.

Introduction email to investors

  • Use a proven email structure to get started immediately
    To improve your chances of getting a response from investors, we have provided a template that will help to make email interactions more effective.

Investor Prospecting Best Practice Guide

  • Prepare your investor prospecting strategy
    This short guide is designed to help startup founders map out a prospecting strategy for their ideal sources of capital faster and smarter.
  • Improve your communication with potential investors
    Gain valuable insight into the most effective ways of communicating with prospective investors.
  • Discover the winning process of engagement
    Learn what vital tools are needed to engage prospective investors efficiently.

How startups can target and approach smart money investors


  • How to overcome the common challenges to startup fundraising success
  • How to access smart money investors, get the most out of your own network, and utilize open-source and paid databases
  • The most effective ways to approach and successfully engage different types of investors

Access to Members area

  • You can access and manage everything you need in one place
    You will have exclusive access to the Aery Advisors Investor Prospect Dream List member’s area where you can access and manage all support resources in one place.


Due Diligence Checklists (3 examples)

  • Be ready to close your funding round faster
    If you are raising money from a sophisticated investor, you’ll need to respond to a due diligence request. We have three Due Diligence checklist examples.
  • What to prepare for your Due Diligence Locker / Data Room
    Using these checklist, you can prepare your investor toolkit in a way that ensures that you've included all information the investors need to make their decision.

Simple Agreement For Future Equity offer examples (4 versions)

  • These SAFE Term Sheet agreements can save you tons of time and money
    Y Combinator introduced the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) in late 2013. Since then, it has been used by almost all YC startups and countless non-YC startups as the main instrument for early-stage fundraising.

    The templates will help you to approach pre-seed investors with the right VENTURE FINANCE OFFER structure.

    Please note: you should customize and adapt them to your legal entity jurisdiction with the help of your legal advisors or lawyers.

Additional options

Additional leads

Price: €495 per 100 Leads

Can be ordered after initial order is completed.

10 Full Investor Profile Reports

Includes management, investment activity, assets, financials, and more.

Price: €495 per 10 profiles