Startup Fundraising Quickfix

Fix your fundraising process in 90 days or less

Are you tired of facing investor rejection or struggling to get prospective investors to respond? Its time to get a fundraising QuickFix!

Revolutionize your startup's investor readiness and discover ideal investors in just 90 days with our game-changing bespoke coaching program. Unlock your funding potential now!

Our proven methodology has empowered numerous startups like yours to attract the right investors and close funding rounds smarter and faster.

A crystal clear roadmap to propel you towards closing your next funding round with confidence in only 3 steps:

Step 1: Assessment & Review

You'll receive a comprehensive Fundraising Assessment and Audit session conducted by industry expert Brad Furber. This in-depth evaluation will precisely identify your startup's area of strengths and weakness, giving you a clear idea of where to focus your efforts to investor readiness.

Step 2: Preparation

We will guide you in updating your fundraising offering materials and crafting an irresistible investment offer. With our expertise, you'll be equipped with a powerful toolkit that captivates investors and leaves a lasting impression.

Step 3: Action

Through our program, you'll build the confidence to present your investment offer to a tailor-made audience of ideal investors. We equip you with the negotiation skills to close your next funding round efficiently and successfully.

Fundraising QuickFix Options

  • QuickFix

  • QuickFix premium


Venture Finance Audit: Get Investor Ready

Are you ready for the investors' scrutiny? Our Venture Finance Audit assesses your readiness, ensuring you stand out in the eyes of potential backers.


Fundraising Strategy Assessment: Elevate Your Approach

Your fundraising strategy can make or break your venture. Our assessment pinpoints issues and recommends improvements, so you approach investors with confidence.


Investor Prospecting: Target the Right Investors

Finding the right investors is crucial. We help you identify and connect with ideal funding sources tailored to your specific needs.


Customized Investor Prospect List: Your Investor Prospect Dream List

Access up to 300 curated prospects perfectly aligned with your preferences. Say hello to a customized list of investors based on your industry, region, and stage of development.


Compelling Offer Guidance: Craft the Perfect Pitch

Your deal terms matter. We offer expert guidance in crafting compelling offers that attract investors and drive success.


Legal Counsel Assessment: Ensure Compliance, Boost Confidence

Our legal experts evaluate your current counsel's performance to ensure fundraising compliance, giving you peace of mind.


Due Diligence Assessment: Ready for the Spotlight

Don't leave anything to chance. Our Due Diligence Assessment helps you prepare for the spotlight, ensuring you impress potential investors and their advisors.


Pitch Rehearsal: Shine on Stage

Your pitch is your first impression. Practice and refine it with us, so you can confidently present your venture to investors.


3 easy payments

€2200 / month

1 easy payment (save €1105)


Why Choose the Startup Fundraising Quickfix Program?

Supercharge your fundraising efforts and propel your startup towards success

Bespoke Coaching

Our program is tailored specifically to your startup's needs. We understand that every business is unique, and we provide personalized guidance to unlock your full funding potential.

Ideal Investor Prospects

You no longer need to search blindly for investors. We will provide you with a customized list of the top investors based on your industry, region, and stage of development.

Proven Success

Our track record speaks for itself. Countless startups have thrived after participating in our program. Now you can experience the transformative power of our coaching and expertise.


What other startup founders say about working with Aery Advisors 

ZEMP's product suite enables small and medium businesses to sell across channels, manage operations across all core disciplines, engage with customers, accept payments and ultimately grow their business.

Swiss startup raised $1.3M swiftly in 2021

When I started talking to the first potential investors and they asked "Can I have a look into your data room" and I was prepared. It was a very positive thing. It was much easier to get traction in the market. It was first preparation of 3 months and 4 months of negotiations with investors. All in all, within 7 months we raised 1.3 million dollars.

Brad was tangible, we had open conversations, coaching sessions, I had trust in him because he’s done it, he went through it, he talks from experience, and he has a very huge heritage. You accepted his advice because it worked. It is not a standard class. This is bespoke sessions with him where he focused and adapted his knowledge to my needs.I would definitely 100% recommend it. 

I believe there is nothing that cannot be improved so no one has ever got from me a 10, as there is always room to improve, but I would say the experience has been a clear 9 for me. 

Founder of Zemp Business Solutions
Lucerne, Switzerland |

iPromote, headquartered in San Luis Obisbo, California, provides digital advertising technology and solutions designed to help underserved SMBs access the high growth programmatic digital advertising market in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

Brad helped us raise more than $1M in equity

If I could do it over again, I would compress the time that we spent in the early years and bring in expertise as early as possible to make sure that you're enlisting people that have that explicit knowledge, that “been there, done that" experience, to help guide you move forward.

I was fortunate that I've known Brad for a long time. I've known him since he was 20 years old and I've participated with him, watching him work all around the world. He has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, startups and emerging growth companies raise capital globally.

In July 2021, Cohere Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm made a strategic growth investment (8 figures) in iPromote.

- Gregg Albright, CEO of iPromote

Unlock the potential of your fundraising efforts