Personal consultation with Fundraising Expert Brad Furber

When faced with a significant problem or opportunity, it's always wise to seek out an independent, unbiased perspective or a second opinion

I am often called upon to provide expert advice on a wide range of financing strategies, securities offerings, and deal point negotiations, including pre-seed valuation caps, discounts, warrants, co-founder equity allocations and divorces, value creation models, university tech transfer, corporate innovation and CVC, liquidity options through private and public secondary markets, intermediary engagement terms, buy and sell-side mandates, and related matters

Fundraising Advisory Call
with Brad Furber

Service is for: CEOs, Founders, C-Level Executives, Funders, Corporate Finance and M&A Advisors (intermediaries, lawyers, accountants, etc.)

Our consultation is structured as a one-hour Zoom call. If further discussion is needed, additional costs may apply for additional calls or services, which can be provided through one of our other service packages.

Alastair Rampell

General Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz

As a partner, adviser, and friend, Brad is fantastic on all counts. I met him as a forward-thinking client (Xeriton under Brad became our first client), became the beneficiary of his valuable advice, business ideas, and introductions, and have emerged as one of his biggest fans...even though he is one of very few people who has out-negotiated me every time! ;) He's quite the poker player. If you have a startup or even an established business, you should get Brad involved sooner rather than later.

Matt Boisen

VP of Legal at Highspot

If you get a chance to work with Brad, take it. For almost four years I had the privilege of working with Brad and learned a tremendous amount about resolving complex legal issues and running a business strategically and with a vision. I also valued Brad’s professionalism and friendship and enjoyed collaborating with him on a daily basis. Brad hired me when I was a young lawyer, and in addition to being an outstanding manager, he also was an excellent mentor, leader and advisor, providing a solid foundation for me to succeed in my future endeavors.

Nicholas Hawtin

Investor Network Builder, Founder and Mentor

I had the pleasure of working with Brad in Copenhagen as a founder, investor, and mentor. He brought the ‘Term Sheet Battle’ concept with him from the US West Coast, where he staged a mock term sheet negotiation between a startup and an investor. The local ecosystem loved the program so much that it has spawned a host of imitators in the Nordic startup scene. Brad worked with a number of startups either as founder, interim CEO, advisor, investor, and mentor.

Included in Personal Consultation Call

  • Zoom Call (60 mins)
    Our focus is to provide a comprehensive conversation to explore, discuss, generate ideas, provide constructive feedback, and evaluate the best next steps.

Personal Consultation with Brad Furber