November 15, 2022

Navigating the Fundraising Landscape

for Startups in 2024



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November 15, 2022
By Aery Advisors
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As we all know, 2022 has brought about significant changes in the global economic and political landscape. For founders, funders, and managers of startup and emerging growth companies, these changes can profoundly impact assessments of risk and geographic growth plans. 

While there is still a large amount of dry powder available for investment due to the strong fundraising markets over the past several years, the deployment of that capital is now based on tighter due diligence parameters and longer deal execution timetables. 

While valuations have held up surprisingly well based on year-to-date data, it is undoubtedly true that in past economic downturns, the leverage between founders and funders leaned more toward the latter.

Today we are releasing the first episode of the second season of the Venture Finance Podcast where we explored some of the current market dynamics, and we invite you to watch it and subscribe to Aery Advisors' Youtube Channel.

In the coming weeks, we plan to release valuable new episodes regarding the Venture Finance matter (including 3 parts episode on Fundraising Roadmap).

Watch previous Season podcast episodes here:

Don`t forget to subscribe to Aery Advisors' Youtube Channel:

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Aery Advisors

Default AA Blog Post

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