Are you looking at an investment opportunity in a startup?

When a significant opportunity presents itself, it's always wise to seek out an independent, unbiased perspective or a second opinion.

We are often called upon to provide expert advice on a wide range of financing strategies, securities offerings, and deal point negotiations, including pre-seed valuation caps, discounts, warrants, co-founder equity allocations and divorces, value creation models, university tech transfer, corporate innovation and CVC, liquidity options through private and public secondary markets, intermediary engagement terms, buy and sell-side mandates, and related matters.

Investor Consulting 

Service is for: Angel Investors, Family Offices, etc.

Our calls are structured as one-hour Zoom sessions. We anticipate investing no more than 30 minutes to review materials before the call and 30 minutes to draft post-call notes for the client. Should further discussion be necessary, additional costs may apply for additional calls or services, which can be provided through one of our other service packages.

Included in our Strategic Advisory Call

  • Pre-Call Preparation (30 mins)
    Our scan process includes understanding the context, identifying the opportunity, and evaluating the challenges from the current perspective of the client.
  • Zoom Call (60 mins)
    Our focus is on providing a comprehensive conversation to explore, discuss, generate ideas, provide constructive feedback, and evaluate the best next steps.
  • Post-Call Report (30 mins)
    We provide a clear and concise assessment of the current state and propose actionable next steps for the client.