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SanityDesk is a CRM + Website Builder/Marketing Automation tool that has all of the systems a small business needs to set up, organise, and grow their business online for a low monthly cost

Fund raising journey from the perspective of the SaaS company founder & Venture Finance Academy student Sam Cook

Sam Cook, the co-founder and CEO of SanityDesk and Brad Furber, the founder of Venture Finance Academy, engage in deep dive case study that illustrates how Sam and his team were able to take their big idea and make it a reality. The big idea was originally hatched inside a services based media agency operating in Poland and Ukraine, and then spun out into a newly formed Delaware corporation.

You will learn how Sam employed the Aery Advisors’ methodology, and illustrates how, by putting theory to practice, he and his team were able to, over a period of 16 months, during a global pandemic, successfully raise US$1.35 Million of funding in a series of smaller rounds, culminating in an oversubscribed pre-seed round lead by several smart money angels and one micro-VC in Q4 2020.


-Samuel P. N. Coo, CEO & Founder of