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Founder of Aery Advisors

I’m Brad Furber. I’m a seed investor, company advisor, entrepreneur and lawyer. I've been working closely with funders, intermediaries, founders and visionary entrepreneurs just like you for my entire professional career (30+ years).

I want to help YOU help yourself by sharing access to knowledge, expertise and networks that will enable you to meet and exceed your venture finance goals and objectives.

That is why I am sharing my expertise in format of online course and working directly with startup founders in Venture Finance Academy.

Venture finance is not one size fits all. It requires empathy, design thinking, legal, financial and marketing know-how, strategy, persistence and true grit.

I’ve been a strategic mentor, advisor and angel investor in 50+ tech startups, 15 of which have already achieved an exit or liquidity event. I’ve been engaged to advise on more than 150 angel and venture capital financings, more than 50 mergers and acquisitions, and 10+ public offerings. 

Over the past ten years, I’ve lived and worked in four countries – the USA, Denmark, Australia and now Switzerland. I understand that each region and each jurisdiction has its own unique culture and way of doing deals. I’ve seen first hand what’s worked and what hasn’t.


I spoke to a startup founder with a $400K investment from a local investor. He was planning to spend it all to generate $200K revenue. I suggested it might be smarter to spend some of it, say $15K, on a compelling venture finance offer that could improve his balance sheet by $1M or more. That’s what I’m talking about – building foundations and capabilities, and selling your dream to investors who can help you innovate, compete and grow.

I served as President and CEO of a bootstrapped and profitable consumer Internet software + services global tech startup. I was co-founder of an innovative law firm for startups and emerging growth companies. Also, I was a founding business leader of a cross-faculty innovation centre at one of the world’s top 50 research intensive universities.