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The Venture Finance Audit

Including  90 days access to PRO Masterclass and 3 personal calls

We review your startup current state and help you to
become investors ready, and coach you through the process during 3 month period

The Venture Finance Audit includes

  • A comprehensive venture finance questionnaire
    to determine your current state and what remains to be done to get to your preferred future state.
  • Complete Venture Finance Audit
    Take a Complete Venture Finance Audit to discover what you need to do to get Finance Ready
  • Total 3 one-hour 1-on-1 Coaching calls with Brad Furber

    To review the results of your venture Finance Audit, understand what you need to do to get funding ready, and get his personal feedback on your documents and presentation over a 12 month period.

      1) initial consultation and coaching instructions
      2) questionnaire assessment of strengths and gaps, and tailored next steps; 
      3) review and assess quality of the minimum viable offer and toolkit and strategy, and tailored next steps.
  • 90 days access to 4.5 Hours of detailed Venture Finance PRO Masterclass online course with 42 video lessons
    Condense months of your time into just 4.5-hours of Venture Finance PRO Masterclass video course on the essentials of creating your compelling minimum viable offer.  
  • Downloadable files library
      * Downloadable material with step-by-step checklists to help you perfect your offer.
      * A library of essential curated resources and templates
         (36 documents), which will be supplemented if necessary to address your unique facts and circumstances tailored to your company and jurisdiction.
      * Downloadable templates (e.g., model agreements, pitch decks, and due diligence matters) that will save you time and money. 

    * Global Venture Finance Directory (Angel networks with contact information, Family offices, etc) You will know where to start looking for investors locally and globally.

    * Downloadable templates (e.g., model agreements, pitch decks, and due diligence matters) that will save you time and money.

      * Printable Worksheets that will allow you to create all the documents you need to get business funding.
      * Printable PDF Slide Decks that will allow you to follow along and take notes as you go through the presentations.
      * Printable Transcripts of the videos that will allow you to follow every part of the course and refer back to it for easy reference

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