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One of the greatest challenges facing many business incubators, co-working spaces, accelerators, and innovation programs is a lack of professional support and content for startup entrepreneurs on how to become investible.

There is considerable expectation and pressure from stakeholders such as sponsors and funders to produce high-quality outputs and impacts. Finding a suitable strategic partner with a credible track record of delivering measurable outcomes is stressful and the journey can be a lonely and frustrating process. Is this sounding familiar?

Well, look no further!

A strategic partnership with Aery Advisors can boost your entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives by delivering specialist online training, mentoring, and coaching for entrepreneurs and startup founders who are looking to become investible and raise capital from third party funding sources.

Our flagship partnership program Startup Fundraising Kickstart includes a funding assessment, masterclass in venture finance, pitch training and a customized investor prospect dream list of smart money investors to pitch.

There is flexibility in how Aery Advisors can work with you including events, demo days, group coaching calls with Brad Furber, and online support. Revenue share and discounts options can be discussed on a call with us.

So If you are as passionate as we are about supporting startup entrepreneurs, then this could be the perfect mutually beneficial strategic partnership you have been looking for.

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FAQ Section

How will the Aery Advisors program/services impact our organization's ability to help startups/enterprises to become investible?

First, we start with a funding assessment to establish how prepared the startup is for third-party investment. Then we deliver a masterclass on the key principles of raising capital teaching the fundamentals to become investor-ready. The program is supported with 1-on-1 advice, coaching, and pitch training from experts. At the end of the program, the startup is provided with a customized prospect list of ideal investors to go to market and start pitching.

Our online programs enable entrepreneurs to have a clear roadmap to venture finance from a team that has experience working with startup founders and funders all over the world.

Are you a direct investor in startups?

No. Aery Advisors does not make direct investments in any startups or venture capital funds. We simply provide mentoring, coaching, and advisory services.

What locations do you prefer to partner with?

We are interested in working in partnership with organizations around the globe that are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship generally. The art and science of venture finance, specifically.

Are you a "finder" or placement agent?

No. We do not work on a commission basis with any of our clients or customers.

How many entrepreneurs have enrolled in Aery Advisors Venture Finance online courses?

Over 3,500 entrepreneurs have enrolled in one or more of our Venture Finance online courses and programs.

Do you have geographic limitations on who you can help?

No. We believe that the general principles we teach and employ are relevant and applicable globally, and we have had startup founders, CEOs, and funders from more than 100 countries enroll in our online courses and programs.

Why partner with us?

We support business incubators and co-working spaces with their innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities by delivering specialist online programs and services to both managers and end-users. 

Our knowledge and expertise are specifically tailored to co-design and deliver high-quality programs to educate, train and inspire startup founders, CEOs and funders to seek capital from third-party sources to launch, grow and scale entrepreneurial projects, ventures and companies.

As an essential collaborator, we ensure that you and your team have the venture finance support, advice, programs, and confidence you want and need.


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Founder of Aery Advisors

Aery Advisors is founded by Brad Furber, a seed investor, company advisor, entrepreneur, and lawyer who’s been working closely with funders, intermediaries, founders, and visionary entrepreneurs during his entire professional career.

Brad has been a strategic mentor, advisor, and angel investor in 50+ tech startups, 15 of which have already achieved an exit or liquidity event. He served as President and CEO of a bootstrapped and profitable consumer Internet software + services global tech startup, co-founder of an innovative law firm for startups and emerging growth companies, and founding business leader of a cross-faculty innovation center at one of the world’s top 50 research-intensive universities.

Brad has advised on more than 150 angel and venture capital financings, more than 50 mergers and acquisitions, and 10+ public offerings.

Over the past dozen years, Brad has lived and worked in four countries – the USA, Denmark, Australia, and now Switzerland. He understands that each region and each jurisdiction has its own unique culture and way of doing deals. He has first-hand experience of what’s worked and what hasn’t. Venture finance is not one size fits all. It requires empathy, design thinking, legal, financial, and marketing know-how, strategy, persistence, and true grit.

The experience, knowledge, expertise, content, and networks of Aery Advisors can be tapped into and mobilized for the benefit of strategic partners looking to co-design and deliver high-quality venture finance programs.

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