OTCQX: An International Gateway to U.S. Investors

Nasdaq First North Growth Market video case study

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What is your main challenge with accessing investors in the US?
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“I found the webinar very useful to learn what the whole marketplace entails. We are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and we are looking for opportunities to gain more traction in the U.S”

Investor Relations, Norway

“Very refreshing! I work with companies listed on Nasdaq First North and this is a new avenue that's opened up. I am always interested in working in new directions because you always have to be ready to re-evaluate or rethink”

Chairman, Sweden

Here's what you can expect to learn

  • How a company listed in Stockholm is able to access U.S. Investors through the OTCQX Stock Market
  • How International Public Companies can access U.S. investors without listing in U.S.
  • The role of an OTCQX Sponsor
  • How to get started with OTC Markets 
  • Q&A Session


A crystal clear understanding of this significant international gateway to access US institutional and retail investors

“The webinar was more than useful! I knew very little about OTC Markets beforehand and I learned a lot of really interesting things. We are listed on Euronext Growth Paris and we need to increase the visibility of our company in the United States. I think this is a really good opportunity”

Deputy General Manager, France

“The webinar is very interesting and relevant. I wanted to find out more about how it works and how other Swedish listed companies are using OTCQX to access U.S investors”.

CEO, Sweden

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The Panel


Yomi Bashorun

Business Development Manager
Aery Advisors


Sören Barz

Head of Investor Relations
Media and Games Invest SE


Joe Coveney

Vice President
OTC Markets Group


Brad Furber

Attorney-at-law (Washington)
Partner Carsted Rosenberg
Founder of Aery Advisors


Michael Rosenberg

Advokat (DENMARK)
Solicitor (England & Wales)
Partner Carsted Rosenberg

Participating Organizations

OTC markets group

OTC Markets Group is an American financial market providing price and liquidity information for over 11,000 over-the-counter securities. The group has its headquarters in New York City. OTC-traded securities are organized into three markets to inform investors of opportunities and risks: OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink.

Media and games invest SE

Media and Games Invest SE (“MGI”) is an advertising software platform with strong first party games content. MGI’s main operational presence is in North America and Europe.

Carsted Rosenberg

Carsted Rosenberg is a specialist international law firm with a focus on cross-border banking & finance, capital markets, mergers & acquisitions and corporate & commercial matters.

Aery advisors

Aery Advisors help start-up founders and funders, emerging growth and public companies access pools of capital to launch, grow and innovate.