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Raising the capital you need to build your dream beyond the next six months is the ultimate business adventure. And you are doing what any good mountain climber would do. You are taking stock of your equipment, your supplies and your options so you can survive the danger zone. That means being truly focused and committed. It means assessing where you can cut costs to extend your runway longer term and thinking about obligations to third-party creditors. The worst thing you can do on your journey up a mountain is be ill-equipped or short on the supplies you need. Plan early, and you’ll be able to avoid a serious fall six months further up the hill. What does that mean? Well, as a tech startup, you probably know that it’s sometimes necessary to develop the product for a year or more before generating revenue. That means you (and your team) may need to bootstrap and/or work for less during the “pre-revenue” development stage – but in the end you’re going to need outside funding. With such a short runway, you’re going to need help with that.



Once you finish watching the video I will give you a complete rundown of how you can get up that mountain and save time and precious resources doing it.