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Founder, your Investor Readiness Test Score is 18

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It means you are Beginner in raising series A funding round

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what does your overall score mean and how you can improve it

, how you as a Tech Startup founder can better prepare for investment and close a Series A round

Congratulations Founder!

For taking this small, but important step to climbing the ultimate mountain in your tech startup career.


So that’s exactly what I am going to do with you right now


Once we finish going over your answers, I will give you a complete rundown of how you can get up that mountain, and save time and precious resources doing it.

But first of all, let’s dive into your tech startup results

Founder, do you understand your Investment Options?

Raising outside capital for your business requires a deep understanding of the different types of capital available to you, from equity investments, to convertible debt, revenue backed notes, factoring, or plain old bank financing. 

Now, let`s look at your situation.


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Getting Your tech startup Investment Ready

Raising money from outside investors requires you to have your ‘house in order’ legally and financially. From your organizational charter documents, to agreements among co-founders, employees, consultants, key stakeholders and outside funding sources. 


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Getting Your Investment Offer Ready

To raise money, you have to have a compelling offer. Once you have your house in order, you can properly value and design an offer for investment in your company that will attract your ideal type of funding source.


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Your Fundraising Mindset 

Raising money is like climbing a mountain. It takes a lot of time, effort, and careful maneuvering with the help of a trusted guide and advisor. You will spend countless hours looking for, meeting with, and trying to close investors on your offer. 


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What next?

Now , you know exactly where you are on your founder’s journey up the mountain towards more funding and realizing your startup dreams.

Mountain climbing is exciting, but it requires good preparation, tools, expertise and judgment.

For more than fifty years, climbers in the Himalayas have relied on local Nepalese guides, Sherpas, to provide unparalleled local expertise.

Think of me as your Sherpa!

For more than fifty years, climbers in the Himalayas have relied on local Nepalese guides, Sherpas, to provide unparalleled local expertise.

I’ve spent 30 years helping tech startup founders like you
find, attract, and close investors to help them fund their dreams. 

I know the route.  I know the dangers. And I know what’s necessary to reach the summit.

I am not doing this for the money.

I have made more than enough through my various investments to live a comfortable life.

I am doing this because what I enjoy most in life is helping ambitious and creative people take big ideas, and make them a reality.  

That's my passion and that's my life's work.

SanityDesk is a CRM + Website Builder/Marketing Automation tool that has all of the systems a small business needs to set up, organise, and grow their business online for a low monthly cost

If I hadn't had Brad's coaching, I'd be nowhere close to over halfway subscribed in a 1.35 million dollar pre-seed round for a pre-revenue company

If you do not get your house in order as Brad teaches, you shouldn't go out and raise money.
What I really learned was that the process and the system of getting your house in order is everything. He has an entire tool kit to help you do that in the venture finance course. What he teaches is critical.


-Samuel P. N. Coo, CEO & Founder of


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