4 powerful Fundraising video lessons that will help you learn the language startup investors expect to hear from you before they wire you money

The short, two-hour Masterclass goes into more depth about the four key principles of raising money

Lesson 1 - Fundraising Foundational Knowledge

The first video is about understanding the foundational knowledge of venture finance: the different kinds of options available to create value and build your business.

Without sufficient resources, your business cannot attract, retain and motivate the best people to work for or with you. More money will allow you to invest in the things that make a business valuable: innovation, product and service design, sales and marketing, customer service and even general and administrative.

Lesson 2 - Get Your House in Order

Learn the essentials of preparing your business properly for investment, including business, financial and legal due diligence matters.

Asking third parties to invest in your business is a bit like inviting someone to come stay in your home. It’s important to make sure you have things neat and tidy – that there’s no piles of dirty laundry, or broken glass on the floor, or, God forbid, unflushed toilets. Ugh…

If you are successful at convincing a prospective investor that your venture is an attractive opportunity, that is only the first step: you still need to get through the due diligence stage.

Lesson 3 - Create A Compelling Offer

Learn what an investor-centric offer looks like to get your next investment round.

Most startup founders are familiar with the concept of “product/market fit” and it’s the same concept matching your business to an investor.

Lesson 4 - Go To Market

Learn the contents of the essential toolkit to help you find, approach and close your tech venture finance offering(s).

The Venture Finance Masterclass book

It’s one thing to hear and see the information, but smart entrepreneurs like to have it written for handy reference.

With the pre-prepared Venture Finance 101 PDF book, your notes will be easier to make and you’ll be able to follow the videos to make an action plan.

1-on-1 Discovery Call with Fundraising Advisor

Get clarity on how you can use the Masterclass to develop your funding plan and where you can go for more help. You will be able to schedule a 30-min call with one of our venture finance advisors.

Downloadable audio files

Like to listen and learn while you are driving or jogging? You’ll love these downloadable audio files.

You can listen to the Venture Finance Masterclass audio on your mobile phone, in-car or on any device you prefer at any time you want.

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The Fundraising Masterclass book

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1-on-1 Discovery Call with Venture Finance Advisor

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