I am a frequent speaker, panelist and author on innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate finance and securities, and collaboration design.  I created the Term Sheet Battle (™), a program that demystifies the negotiation of seed and Series A venture deals that has been warmly embraced by startup ecosystems in the USA, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

Over the past ten years, I’ve lived and worked in four countries – the USA, Denmark, Australia and now Switzerland. I understand that each region and each jurisdiction has its own unique culture and way of doing deals. Venture finance is not one size fits all. It requires empathy, design thinking, legal, financial and marketing know-how, strategy, persistence and true grit. That is what I am sharing in this course.  I want to help you help yourself – by sharing access to knowledge, expertise and networks that will enable you to meet and exceed your venture finance goals and objectives.

Brad earned a J.D. from Duke Law School, a M.P.P. from the Sanford School of Public Policy (Duke University), and a B.A. from the University of Washington.